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  • What is CBD and how does it vary from THC?

    • Cannabidiol is a natural chemical compound that reacts with cannabinoid receptors. This changes the active transport of molecules (e.g. neurotransmitters) out of the cells within the brain. Despite sharing the same molecular formula as THC, C21H3OO2, the two compounds vary as CBD is devoid of psychoactive effects and the two take completely different modes of action. This is due to the difference in structure. CBD contains a hydroxyl group where THC contains a cyclic ring.




  • Hashish

    • Using modern methods, the CBD laden trichomes are frozen until brittle and broken off from the flowers of industrial hemp. These trichomes are then separated from the biomass using mesh screens of varying sizes. The trichomes are then washed, dried, and crushed together to form a much more pure, solventless product which can range from 60-80% CBD.

  • Rosin

    • Using nothing but heat and extreme pressure, the resinous sap is extracted from the flowers of industrial hemp. The product can range from a sappy to shatter-like consistency and excels in flavor and potency. This process preserves the terpenes, which maintains the flavor and aroma of the specific strain and will never contain any residual hydrocarbon that can be found from butane extraction.



  • Using super-chilled ethanol, CBD is extracted, leaving behind all fats and waxes. This extract is then purified, leaving a CBD distillate.



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