All About
High Country Herbs

High Country Herbs is an herb and hemp farm nestled in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina. As hemp becomes increasingly popular, we strive to offer quality products, including flower and full spectrum CBD tinctures. We are able to provide many different strains of flower, all with varying benefits, percentages of CBD, and aromas! The multitude of flavors and scents are a result of the terpenes present in the flower.

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This Is Us

Heather Bryant is a graduate of Appalachian State University with a degree in biology and manager of sales at High Country Herbs. She handles the administrative work, maintains public relations, as well as writes all the grants.


Kristopher Gupton, US Army veteran, is currently attending NC State University and is studying various hemp strains and how they fare in the mountains. He is also developing his own federally-compliant hemp strain.


Our Furry Farm Friends 

Yara (left) and Drogo (right) are our farm dogs. Yara is currently learning basic herding commands and has excelled in both keeping the other animals out of the garden and being a very good girl. Drogo doesn't care too much for farm work, but does enjoy being our big doof.